Makeup. I do bridal, evening, photo makeup, daily, business, retouching for men and all kinds of fantasy projects. I work with professional cosmetics for make-up artists (Guerlain, Helena Rubinstein, Kryolan, Dior, etc…). I pay particular attention to my clients’ preferences, I am open to variable ideas. Everything for the make-up to reflect your unique personality. I want you to feel special and comfortable. Would you get lured into a metamorphosis?

Makeup with photo session. A brilliant idea for a gift for friends, relatives or lovers. It can also complement a professional portfolio or just stand as extraordinary pleasure only for you. I offer full range of possibilities regarding sceneries and types of sessions to satisfy your special expectations. I propose photos in professional studio, in the open air or even in your place if that’s what you wish. I suggest unique family photos, bridals, portraits, or maybe you would dare making acts? I guarantee grit atmosphere and discretion.

Makeup lesson. I will willingly advise you how to highlight your beauty. Step by step you will learn how to shape your face in 3D method and glamorously do your eyes and mouth. From now on, you will always look imposingly and your makeup will be much more lasting. Also, I will help you with assorting the suitable cosmetics. Together we are going to rummage your sponge bag in order to find out the cosmetics that suit you well and those ones which you should say goodbye to. Of course, I provide all the materials needed. You are welcome in three hours of great fun!

Colour analysis. Why do you look great in some colours while the other make you look older or tired? Colour analysis will determine the range of shades prescribed to you. These ones will paint vitality on your face. I will determine your type of beauty with coloured fabric scarves. I will select the colours which are the most favorable for you. Additionally, you will get a booklet which you can hang in your wardrobe or take for shopping as your handy assistance. The booklet presents “your colours” and exemplary combinations.

I dispose of a mobile make-up dressing table. Thanks to it I provide suitable light which is important for the final effect. The dressing table has a big mirror so you can actively take part in the magical process of creating your make-up. You will be sitting in the comfortable make-up chair all along. All this equipment will be provided for your convenience and satisfaction.

I will get to your place for FREE in Lublin. If you live beyond the area of Lublin, please contact me for the information about possible cost of commutation.